rice snacks for ultra running or cycling
The Zu is integral to sushi rice. Each chef has their own blend. I was recently talking with @jasonkoop and the topic of training food for ultra running came up. Rice isn’t new or novel but I commented that the current recipes were lacking.
I say this because after making 50# of rice a day in a Japanese private college I learned a lot about rice. Interested yet? Read on.
Why would you find this useful? I would make rice snacks for cyclists and sell them locally. Everyone had tried the popular versions from books but found tiny things missing.
I started making a version and blew minds with flavors like basil blueberry.
But it wasn’t the creative flavors that were winning the day, it was the ZU, the special sauce if you would that made the rice snacks 200% better.
Now I don’t recommend using a traditional ZU on your training rice, but you can benefit from the idea of lightly sugared and salted with a touch of vinegar. Next time you make a batch give it some thought.
The vinegar, salt and sugar also act as an anti-microbial. More palatable, fuel and electrolyte, bit safer = Win-Win-Win.
Coming from a professional chef background and being a dietitian has it’s perks. The fuel you need to succeed!
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