One meal a day (OMAD) diet, intermittent fasting, and belly fat foods

One meal a day (OMAD) diet, intermittent fasting, and belly fat foods

One meal a day (OMAD) diet, intermittent fasting, and belly fat foods.
In this episode we revisit the one meal a day, OMAD, diet. Why it could be good and when it can be dangerous. Disease, diabetes, and medications are are all affected by intermittent fasting. Do it wrong bad things happen. Collaborate with doctors, pharmacists, and dietitians then you have a shot at being safe.
Also, what foods help burn belly fat. This topic is a personal favorite. Because spoiler alert none of them have a fat burning effect, especially spot fat loss like in the belly. It’s garbage click bait, but if you watch this video you’ll find out what habits are important to improving your health.
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