Creamy Chicken Soup For Fall!

Who doesn’t love a good soup?
This recipe from EATINGWELL.COM for creamy chicken noodle soup is simple, loaded with veggies, and perfect from a chef’s perspective.  I’m looking forward to making it for my wife and adapting it to things like chicken pot pies or chicken and dumplings.  Just sayen. Once you have a solid recipe you gotta work it!

Lactose free and low fat milks will work fine too. You don’t need whole milk.

I’d also recommend cooking the pasta separately and keeping it separate. The noodles wont get mushy and fall apart; making leftovers more enjoyable.

I shared this recipe on the closed BodyFuel Facebook group and got asked a fabulous question:

Tracy S. asked “How do you get the lactose free milk not to make the soup taste sweet?”

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Here is my answer:
Lactose free milk is sweet because lactase, an enzyme, was added to the milk to break down the lactose sugar, which becomes glucose and galactose; both are actually sweeter than the original lactose.
Baking with lactose free milk provides benefits as you can use less actual sugar. On the other hand, savory recipes can be on the sweet side.

Adding a bit of acid – small amounts – tasting – repeat – can help balance the flavor. Key word is balance, because we can’t actually remove the sugar. Lemon juice, rice wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar are all options.

The recommendations to add small amounts of baking soda are something I would not recommend for this type of recipe. Baking soda breaks down organic material, meaning the ingredients will get soft and mushy, not something you want in a dish that gets better as a left-over.

Lastly, you could just use 50% lactose free milk and replace the other half with more stock.