CBD oil risk free or risky? What we don't about CBD is a bigger deal

I’m predicting right now that CBD oil is not without risk and it will in many contexts turn out just like the legalization of marijuana with many new admits to the ER resulting in prolonged stays.  Not familiar with cyclical vomiting, a common admit for chronic marijuana users, not surprising.  I wouldn’t have either if I hadn’t been seeing patients in a hospital setting during the first years of legalization.  What about the research on how marijuana impacts cognitive development in youth; are you read up on that?

There’s actually a medical term for this: cannibinoid hyperemesis syndrome

How about the emerging research on actual humans that’s dealing with dependence and cognitive impairment in youth – because that’s a real thing that no one knew or wanted to admit.

You’re thinking to yourself, CBD isn’t marijuana Mr. Author, and while you’re correct CBD isn’t marijuana surely you remember that the safety of marijuana was continually cited the same way CBD oil is being touted as a risk-free miracle cure.

For everyone, including myself, I hope CBD is an incredibly low-risk sleep, muscle pain, anxiety, epilepsy, nerve pain solution.  I really do, but it’s all the things we don’t know that are cause for risk.


It can interact with medications.

It can cause fatigue, nausea, and irritability.

Liver and cognitive function can be impaired.

While there are a whole host of supporters ranging from ex-NFL players, celebrities, and even healthcare practitioners, some with their own line of products, all citing 20,000+ studies on CBD oil and it’s safety.  I’d like to point out the following:

If you go to the largest collection of published scientific literature www.pubmed.com and follow these instructions you will see a total of 11 human studies and practically none of them are on topics relating to CBD advertisements.  Go see for yourself.



Hit enter – lots of research shows up.

Now filter those results using the left menu:

Species: HUMAN

Now tell me what you think about the titles and type of research you see.  Does that look like anything you see in an advertisement?