Triathlon is expensive. So are most sports when you look at race fees and gear.  So I look for simple, inexpensive, and easily duplicated, when building meals.

Here’s my new post-workout meal 

Full size 443 kcals; 36g Protein ; 55g Carbs ; 10g Fat

Half size 222kcals ; 18g Protein ; 28g Carbs ; 5g Fat

BiPro French Vanilla – 1 scoop
Cheerios – 2 cups
Milk 2% – 1.25 Cups

Trial and error taught me to mix the protein and milk together first.  Then add the cheerios.

Post workout it’s no secret protein and carbohydrates give the body what it needs to refuel and repair.  The details of nutrient timing have evolved a great and I’ve written an article explaining it here.  

I eat a very light breakfast 2 hours before training consisting of chocolate milk and a banana. Enough to shrug off the sleep fasted state and get through a 60-90 min training session.  This is breakfast gets me back on track.  Honestly, its my go-to after most workouts now. Its easy to digest, quick, provides me protein, fiber, and carbs.  Add a few berries and it’s nearly perfect.