So I tried these new Protein Cheerios. They taste pretty good and I’ve eaten a box a week for the past few months – which stops today. Being the RDN, CEC that I am, almost everything I eat turns into a science project or over-analyzation. In this particular case, protein is the new marketing buzz word and it’s showing up on labels everywhere. That doesn’t always mean it’s good for you or the best choice. Check this out:


Only 2.6 more grams of protein in exchange for 12.6 more grams of sugar in a cup for cup volume comparison.

I’d rather eat two cups of regular Cheerios personally. Double my fiber. Get the same amount of protein and carbs. Eat twice as much. Winning!

If you’re looking for a significant increase in breakfast protein, Protein Cheerios is not it. If you happen to need some extra sodium, carbohydrates, can use the sugar pre or post workout and want to pay more sounds great.

Protein Cheerios – 7 Servings – $3.69
Family size Regular Cheerios 21 servings $3.98

I really wanted to like these and gave them a solid try. They even made it on my breakfast foods list for clients. But after reviewing the nutritional bang for the calories and the buck, these just didn’t pan out.